October 6, 2011


Posted in mesh, my own stuff at 8:59 pm by Chav Paderborn

Lately I have been ALL ABOUT THE MESH, spending too much time in Blender trying to make mesh clothes and so on. It is going… well, it varies. Sometimes I completely fail and sometimes I achieve a bit like in the above picture. My shop has mesh stuff in it upstairs now, and also on the Marketplace.

I really wish there was a way to resize a rigged mesh though. You can only do so much with an alpha layer, after all. And I hate making alpha layers, let me tell you. The Lindens must hate us or want us all to wear the Ruth shape or something. Like in Blue Mars, as far as I understand Blue Mars.

So anyway, I’m learning a lot about Blender. Retopologising today. I might make some videos about how to do some of the basic clothing-making stuff in Blender, but I need to work out how to make me recordy thing work properly first.




  1. kesseret said,

    I would kill for tutorials 🙂

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      I only know some of the stuff, but I think it would probably help people who are more artsy than me to manage to make something nice 🙂

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