April 21, 2011

Spoilt by Choice

Posted in opensim tagged at 8:19 am by Chav Paderborn

I seem to have ended up with an OSGrid sim. For free. Now I have to build something on it but I have no idea what. Weird how all these years I’ve been like “Oh, if only I had the space/prims to buid such-and-such” and now I can’t think what to put on a region. Maybe something watery, I might explore SL for some inspiration. Of course it doesn’t help that I have far fewer textures to work with in OpenSim, but it might be worth looking around for some in case I can acquire more there. I don’t think I’ll end up moving there forever, it has conucurrency below 100 and I only know one person there. Maybe I should ask around and see who from SL has an account there.

I am a bit concerned about uploading clothes to give away free there if they’re not free in SL, in case someone ports them over by some technical means, but then the SL stuff doesn’t sell well anyway and I find I like people having my stuff more than I like having their money. It’s just that I need it to support my SL lifestyle, since I am too poor to buy enough Lindens to buy all the dresses. And I must admit to being a bit intimidated about having to build skirts by hand again. I should see if there’s an open source skirt generator script out there that I can copy’n’paste to another grid.

But it’s quite fun even if my av looks a bit weird on OpenSim. I did at least write down her slider numbers and give her the same shape more or less. Some people swear by OpenSim so I should give it a decent go.


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