April 8, 2011

Oh yeah

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:28 pm by Chav Paderborn

I haven’t been in SL properly for like a couple of weeks I think it is now. I only went in today to pay some spacerents, but it was okay I mean I crashed but that always happens.

I might try making some spaceclothes, if I can remember how. The attitude to take is that it’s a very-cheap wardrobe for yourself even if nobody else ever buys any of the things. Which they occasionally do, so. I would make stuff cheaper only I don’t think that would make any difference and I’d just feel I was undervaluing mah time and skillz. Such skillz as I have. I mean really if I wanted riches I would be learning mesh or at least making eleven million sculpts a day, but I haven’t done that for whatever reason. I think I will make something brown, Chav always needs more brown clothes. Maybe underwear someday.

What to make, oh I have no idea. Dresses are always nice to have, dresses are great. Maybe with a real skirt rather than a sculpt for once? I don’t know, I may be addicted to using Blender on things. I love/hate Blender, after all. I’ve been trying to learn how to texture with it but the final results are always really blurry in-world so I think I’ll – at least for the moment – stick to previewing and overlaying the bakes in Photoshop.

Erm, yeah, nothing is happening at all. This is not a very interesting post, sorry.


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