March 16, 2011


Posted in my own stuff, steampunk at 4:41 pm by Chav Paderborn

I have made dresses, which are here and here on the Marketplace. Not in-world yet, I am still setting up in Babbage. Here are some pictures!

This one is a bit more posh than I usually do, but maybe I will have a posh event to go to at some point. Or maybe for a sunny day, who knows?

This one is less posh but I suppose it is quite posh in its own way. They are 300 pence I mean spacebux I mean Linden Dollars each, which I hope is not too expensive. I don’t know, I am terrible at pricing things.

I may also have, erm, rented a wee shop in Caledon, out of hubris and lols. It means I have to be an “Aristocrat” which I don’t like but oh well these things happen. I’m in Caledon Kittiwickshire or however you spell it, SLURLs to follow when I remember to write them down.


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