February 5, 2011


Posted in Uncategorized at 5:15 am by Chav Paderborn

I went mad and bought four skins today. So I don’t need to buy skins for ages now. In theory at least. (Whyyyyy must skin fairs compell me?) There are no pictures, partly cos I fear getting them confused even though they look different. Anyway, they are a ‘Devon’ and a ‘Ling’ from Glance, a ‘Jasmine’ from Curio and a ‘Claire’ (I think…) from Lara Hurley. Erm, is that her name? I forget things easily due to being fail.

Skins remain about the most expensive things I ever buy, though you can get cheaper ones these days I think due to something like an explosion in the number of shops that sell them. I suspect we have much to thank Eloh Eliot for, in giving us all a free example of How To Make Such Things. These ones were on the expensive end of the scale, but I am trying not to feel consumerist guilt over buying things that are pretty. I’ve totally spent more on several dresses or hairs in one go. Just the big number for a skin is a scary-ass number, isn’t it?

It is especially weird that I found so many skins in one day that suited Chav. It’s all in the eyes and in whether the mouth is terrifyingly shiny. And if there are teeth. Teeth are weird in my face, what if you smile and then people see the teeth under your teeth? Is that not strange when that happens? I am v pleased to have obtained my first Curio skin for spacebux, as before they were so pretty but Chav looked different in them and that was disconcerting. I mean she looks different in every skin, but it was more noticeable there I think.

(Eyebrows are often a problem, and the reason I’ve had to stay away from some famous and nice-looking skin lines. I think it’s due to Chav’s inner eyes being downturned somewhat, or else it’s to do with creasing on the eyelids and how it drags your eyebrows down as you more monoliddy. Which is the technical term. This is not the fault of the skins, obviously, it is the fault of Chav for her face.)

I own many skins now, it is very different from the days of living in Sin’s Sakura and never wearing anything else. It probably looks really out-dated now, I haven’t looked at it since Chav started buying skins more often then “once ever.” But oh it was a faithful friend for many a year or two.


I have also made a chair and some clothes. Not really feeling the Photoshop Mojo today, but maybe it’ll be easier now that I’ve had some sleep. New day, new average mojo.



  1. Verity said,

    Pics pls. I may investigate more Curios skins. INCIDENTALLY. The skin and eyes sale at Kosh ends tonight so GO SEEEEEE

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      But I spent 200L on eyes so now I can never change them again!!11!

      There should be pics at some point, you’re right. I shall see about that.

  2. Chav Paderborn said,

    But I spent 200L on eyes so now I can never change them again!!11!

    There should be pics at some point, you’re right. I shall see about that.

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