January 25, 2011

So anyway

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:50 am by Chav Paderborn

I seem to be more or less back in the SL at least for a while. Crashy crashy but I do like the dresses and the shoes and those are more important I am sure.

Tonight I made a clothes! I haven’t done that in months, I was relieved that I still remember most of the little I know how to do in Blender. Clothes is just based on a photo I saw and wanted the clothes from, have not yet quite decided what to do with it. If I sell it I kind of need a new shop. My sculpts aren’t for sale in-world at the moment because I sold my Nokomis land to a neighbour. So I’ll probably just build a really big shop and put everything in it. Separated neatly somehow. And I’ll need to make decent ads for stuff. That could be a project. Projecty things keep me in SL more than dancing and exploring, due to computer fail pretty much.

Speaking of sculpts, I bought a dress on Xstreet and when looking at it on I realised that I’d made one of the sculpts on it! (It still had my name as creator, I hope that doesn’t cause problems in the future.) I was all pleased that my stuff exists in the wild as it were!

Been catching up with people and stuff. And trying out Phoenix which is too red but it’s okay so far I suppose.


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