December 13, 2010


Posted in words at 12:26 pm by Chav Paderborn

I think I’m gonna miss tier this month. In December, month of people buying stuff. Oh well. I haven’t even spent anything cos I haven’t been in SL for months. I haven’t made anything in a while, but I don’t know how important that is. I can’t really be bothered sculpting at the moment and it’s going to be mesh soon anyway, isn’t it? Clothes, I… well they never sell anyway so no point there.I just like making them. Sometimes I think I should just give them out free, but they don’t shift much better when I try that.

My thing is, it’s got harder to give stuff away in Second Life. What do nooby noobs do to learn how to make stuff now? Do they just… accumulate stuff without ever trying to share it with people? The quality level these days is so high, I don’t quite get what people do before they reach that point. Anyway, it’s like this:

“Do you want this thing I made, for free?”

“No, it doesn’t have sculpted feet and flexi bits all over, and it is not made of solid gold.”

“But it’s free and you’re two days old.”

“I only want the best things! For free!”

So I don’t know how useful that is economically for people who aren’t me. I suppose these days the done thing is to sue Linden Lab because the only way you’d not be making what you made in 2007 is content theft on a supermassive scale. I myself can just get rid of some land and have lower costs, I suppose.

That suing them over stolen sex beds thing sort of scares me. I can think of various ways The Lab could prevent theft, and I don’t like the sound of any of them. I am biased after SLUniverse (I think?) had a post about that time Wanker Snakey sued a 19 year old and how oh noes if only they had been able to take his house! …yeah, a 19 year old having a home is much less important than a millionaire making more money from porn. I think that was the case that brought damages of… $525.  Either way it’s not a big amount, is it? That’s all anyone could prove had been made in lost sales to Strokey. Who probably makes that in a day. To me that says “I just really enjoy suing people, it makes me feel important and special.”

Okay, now everyone hates me. Oops. For my next trick I will tell you why 50L Friday is the spawn of Satan himself!

Nah, even were that true it’s not as interesting to me right now as people biting the hand that feeds them. What if LL hadn’t made SL in the first place and these people had made no money at all from it? Content theft isn’t nice, but it’s probably the cost of doing business in SL. “Tier, uploads, people stealin’ mah stuff.” What you need to do is invent a prim animal that needs to eat $L10,000 of food per day.  It doesn’t even have to be attractive, I mean look at those chickens. A wonder of scripting that may as well have been in a plywood box. The wee rabbit ones are cute but they were launched in such a blur of EXTREME CAPITALISM!!! that it was a bit off-putting.

I shall stop typing now as I have angered almost everyone. Sorry.


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