December 6, 2010

O hai!

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:32 am by Chav Paderborn

I have not been in the SL since about… September I think? Not sure why.

But I did hear that Someone Moody has invented something shockingly new! It is… shoes with BUCKLES ON THEM! Oh yes! You may think you owned such things before but you are wrong, she has only just now invented them. 57 avatars worked on the design for ten years and they are soon to be available for the bargain price of 3000L per shoe. I don’t know what the other 56 did because Moody spends all her days in her studio designing sculpted shoes in-world. But I look forward to it.

I don’t know, really. I remember when I got those Bax ankle boots (whatever happened to Bax anyway?) and they were 700 or 800L and it seemed like so much money and I used to go and stare at them before I finally convinced myself to pay that much for shoes.  Now I think shoes cost more, at least those ones with wee feet in them do. Oooh, but I don’t like those things. I am too lazy to match them to my skin and then change them again for a different skin.




  1. Arialle Dufaux said,

    Hilarious observation! I remember when a certain Moody person offered real-toe shoes for the first time as though they’d never been seen on the grid before. What had not been seen before were shoes at those prices!!! Buckles …wow! HAHAHA

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      I quite dislike how she keeps saying she invented shoes. She knows she didn’t, but also knows that if she says it often enough people will believe her. Because who would lie about a thing like that?

  2. I have issues paying more than 500L for anything. I think my brain is too tied to 500 being a large number, when realistically when I convert it back in to real monies it’s like…. £1.75 or something.

    Even without the prices, I don’t like the way her shoes look. :/

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