September 16, 2010

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:06 am by Chav Paderborn

Mesh is happening, I am scared of mesh. People say it is easier than sculpties, but it took me ages to even attempt sculpties and I am still not very good at them. Maybe it is true that virtual worlds will tend towards greater professionalism and less hobbyist funs.

I mean in a way it doesn’t affect me because I never made any money anyway, but it always a wee bit sad when the SL gets harder to play with. Anyone can draw a t-shirt, but now you need pointless sculpts and goodness knows what will happen when we have the mesh import thingy whatsit. Will prim building survive? I mean, it’s kind of fun. It’s fast and completely inefficient and anyone can do it without external softwares.


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  1. If i can do it anyone can, ill learn yas if u wanna learn, but in the meantime found a good vid shows the basics

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