May 18, 2010

IRL Rezday!

Posted in spaceclothes, Uncategorized at 5:34 pm by Chav Paderborn

It is my IRL rezday and I have a toe infection as well. Hurrah! My plan is to buy myself something nice off Xstreet, which should be easy what with all the identical slutwear on constant “promo”! I was also rewarded with a sale at artilleri, which was in no way just coincidence! Exclamation mark! But I have an awful lot of artilleri from the anniversary sale so this time I mostly picked up white shirts and a full-price hair that looked cute. This is them, also the tattoos are from artilleri. I love sleeve tattoos, but I don’t have that many because I get squicked by the chest tattoos that almost always go with them. I suppose I should get round to making some of my own someday, once I magically learn to draw.

I always seem to see Famous People in artilleri, and this time it was Kellie Iwish from Elate, who is super-nice and you should buy her stuff.  I mean nothing will ever be as amazing as seeing Swirly Cyclone at Fleur (now 5th & Oxford) one Christmas, but then that is SWIRLY and I love Swirly and wish she would marry me but she is only interested in men with Payment Info On File. Anyway.

The boots are from Kookie, which you can still get even though these ones I got on 50LF a while back. They look comfy, I am going barefoot IRL at the moment because shoes hurt my infected foot. Don’t worry I have drugs for it now, which may give me stomach upset apparently. (I’m sorry, benevolent bacteria, but I have to massacre you to kill the bad ones.) Then I am still wearing the Themeoerryryryr stockings from League. Shorts I cheated because they are House of Chav things I just made rather than buying skankwear. They are approximately the size of the sensible sort of underwear you can get at 5th and Oxford, which is my Underwear Place apart from artilleri. But then in SL it seems like the more you wear underwear the more likely you are to be a hooker, because who is going to see it and you could be doing other stuff with those layers. Like wearing pube pants. Back when I started I got given a top with nipples on it. I think that must have been from before we had skins. Or maybe not.

BECAUSE! It is also coincidentally my half-rezday as well! I am three and a half now! I know we don’t celebrate the half-rezday, but I always seem to forget my actual one and the next one is four which is ancient. I should dig out old pics of me, I have one from when I was a pole-dancer for a week and made a total of 69L and an interesting discussion about nuclear disarmament. I have a pic from those days of that “Destiny” freebie hair showing system hair underneath. Aww!

Finally, skin from Fashionably Dead. I find fd skins can work to remove sluttiness from an outfit you’re not sure about. I like that.



  1. Natali said,

    Happy IRL Rezzday! and a very Happy Half Rez day too!

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