May 16, 2010

Hello again

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I must accept that I am some sort of SL snob and that stuff on the feeds and Xstreet will often make me LOL. Who started this trend for jeans that hang down like they’re broken? We have to find that person and punish them. I suppose it means you can show off your skanky knickers to everyone instead of just your SLartner. Is that the appeal? See, you might think I should have bought some and taken a picture, but no that is not going to happen.Don’t expect that to happen.

So today I visited the Oil Rig with the people behind Bottle Bird and got to see the new shoes. That is the life of a superelite SL model-slash-blogger. Okay so it wasn’t Maitreya but these will probably cost less than a Barnesworth prefab. (I like the Barnesworth prefabs, my shop is in one because the main thing I can’t build is buildings. Oh, and hair, but that’s less shaming somehow because so many of us can’t make hair and I include a couple of shops into that.) I don’t know, I always thought I was OTT when I got those 750 Bax boots (the short ones, not the other pair. You know, of the two shoes that shop sells, and what’s with that?) but no there is The Stiletto Moody Effect which is where shoes get more and more expensive until Moody has to raise her prices to keep up.  Get G*Field shoes, those are cheap! And kawaii! And they have roses on them almost certainly! Or maybe you want to visit Cheese sim and get the new ones from Rachel Breaker. Anyone who is anyone will be wearing Breakers this season, dahling!

Hmm. Yeah, I am still getting used to blogging, trying to find my voice and think of something more interesting to say than “I like this dress.” Man, it’s a hard virtual life.I will just empty my brain onto the page and hope that works. I hope I don’t get banned from places like Pennelope Thiessam did. I don’t know her, but I will always think of That Waistcoat From Schadenfreude as “THE VEST” from now on. (I have it in blue, I think. Has it been red yet? I want it in red. But I disgress.) People are a bit sensitive about these things, they wouldn’t last five minutes on Fandom Wank. I’m going to be very nice about things so that I don’t get banned from shops that I like. Please don’t ban me for hoping I don’t get banned.

Anyway, today I found a Lady Gaga shop, apparently after everyone else because it seems someone *had* a Lady Gaga shop and has sold it for resale now. As you might imagine it contains nothing but reproductions of clothes worn by Lady Gaga. I like that, it shows balls and good taste in batshittery. I didn’t actually buy anything, but I did get some sunglasses off Xstreet that are like ones Lady Gaga wore that one time. See, I’m only talking about Lady Gaga so that my blog gets more hits. At the moment I only get hits from people looking for “chav blog” and “tattoos make you look hard.” I mean I am vaguely aware that updating five times a day would help but I crash a lot when taking snapshots so you know there’s that. Is it okay to just post a pic of what The Chav is wearing that day? Do I have to dress her up nice each and every time?

Speaking of Xstreet, I like that I don’t have to transfer funds to buy things there anymore, even though I still prefer shopping in-world. But there is something nice about logging in to presents from Xstreet servers. (BTW, it is my IRL rezday soon, what are you getting me?)

So I think the theme of this post is that I have no idea what I am supposed to be writing about. What do people like to read about apart from Skin Theft Drama that will be forgotten as soon as they release something with harsher cheekbones? I like to read gossip but I don’t really know any. Does anyone reads this? If so, pls to tell me what you like to read in SL blogs, because frankly I have no idea what to type into this space and let’s admit that it shows.   But then SL blogging has been dead to me since Swirly Cyclone left us.



  1. I enjoyed this as I usually do! Keep doing what you are doing and I’ll keep reading! 🙂

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      Maybe if tehre is more bling?

  2. Yeah. It needs more bling.

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      touch_start (integer x)
      llMoarBling(0, lots and lots, blingy);

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