May 11, 2010

a red day

Posted in skins, spaceclothes, Uncategorized at 12:03 pm by Chav Paderborn

Today is a bit of a red day, I don’t know why. The cute jumpsuit thing is from Pink Outfitters, which shop I love. I think I picked it up when there was a sale a while back, but it is totes worth all your spacebux. Or however much it normally costs. It shows your bewbs though so I have also worn this shirt from artilleri. Which, again, I got in a sale. Look, guys, sales work! Have more of them! Guess where I got the hair? I am pretty sure it was in a sale at Well, I know for sure it was, and I just assume it was a sale. I, err, don’t know that I’ve ever bought anything there outside the periodic sales. That latter probably deflates my “sales work!” thing, since there are a few shops where I now just wait for the inevitable sale to get stuff. Probably there is a happy medium somewhere. A happy medium where I get cheap spaceclothes.

Things not in a sale, are the skin and shoes. I love these High Oxfords from Tesla, and so should you.The skin is Ling from Glance, a bit darker than Chav usually is but I like how it makes her look a wee bit posh. I almost certainly got this because of a sale! There was one of those “find the cheap/free thing” sales on and while I was there I picked up the demos for Ling. I mean the Devon one is nice but you may know how many SLAsian skins are based on Devon Aoki and really how many of those does one girl need? Not that she’s not a pretty lady, but there are limits. Now that I’ve said that someone else will put out a cute one and I will end up with it as well. Oh, how tragical.



  1. have you seen the new CUPCAKES Blossom Skinline? it’s their first attempt at an Asian skin and i wondered what you thought of it.

    p.s. ❤ your blog

  2. Chav Paderborn said,

    I had a go of the demo, it seemed a bit powdery somehow? It didn’t really suit the Chav, but I will have another go of the demos cos I do like that they’re branching out ethnically.

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