March 17, 2010

My own stuff, sorry

Posted in my own stuff, ugly doll tagged at 2:03 am by Chav Paderborn

Here is a lovely picture of things you can get at Ugly Doll in Harbeng. I say in Harbeng but we only have one location so far even though we looked at other places. Though to be honest I don’t shop much at malls in SL because a) on my PC it’s like swimming in glue and b) most of them are the same shops as every other mall. I think it is because obviously you want cool people, and there are only so many cool people in SL. But I digress. Lookit the lovely clothes! There are sculpts involved, and sculpts make everything approx. 500 times better than it would be otherwise. At least so the prices in other shops tell me. The big secret of sculpties is that if you just want shading it’s actually easier than normal prims, because Blender will do it for you rather than you having to guess as with a normal prim.

I am Trying To Push Myself Artisically by including such things, because they have always scared me. To be fair so do most things, but sculpties are especially scary even though a basic one isn’t as hard as people seem to think. There is a whole industry in SL based on people not being able to sculpt, and I will own up here and say that’s what pays my tier in SL, rather than the clothes that people don’t tend to want. The clothes are just for giggles and fun. I think I would hate being a sim-owner with a shop, where you have to worry all the time about selling enough spaceclothes to make your tier payments. Actually I am surprised more shops haven’t closed with The Economy in the past year, though there was a lot of down-sizing, some sudden closures, and a lot of sales. I don’t really know if the sales mean people weren’t making enough spacebux, but that is what I tend to assume. Or they’re incredibly generous like Santa.

So, erm, buy my stuff, it’s nice. …man, I am rubbish at selling things in text. I know you are meant to go on about fabrics and quality, but I wouldn’t want to lie to people and also there is a picture so you can see for yourself. I am equally bad at selling other people’s stuff, that is why on this blog I tend to ramble and try not to spread unsubstantiated gossip. But who doesn’t love unsubstantiated gossip?

Now I have to go and remake all my ads to be prettier. That’ll be fun for the first five minutes or so.

NEXT TIME: Probably a post about stuff I have bought with the endless spacebux I made from selling these things to people.


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