March 13, 2010

Nylon Outfitters and stuff

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:38 pm by Chav Paderborn

Okay, Chav, just pretend you never went all niche for five minutes before running out of things to blog about. It’s cool, no one minds. Let’s move on like it never happened.

So! I have been in a Tableau mood the past day or so, probably because of my shiny new skin from Fashionably Dead. And my new shape. I haven’t changed my shape much in like years, beyond tweaking the face and toying with the hips/shoulders ratio some. It is sort of refreshing and liberating in a strange way to alter your shape a lot. Obvs I kept a copy of my old shape Just In Case.

Today’s clothes are from Nylon Outfitters, a place I like to occasionally go to and just look at the things and feel intimidated by the skillz of drawing involved. Okay some things are a bit too hand-drawn for me to carry off but that is my fault for not being cool enough. I still much prefer such things to photosourced clothes which creep me out in general because I like to look cartoony rather than like a page of Google Image results. But I digress. Or do I? Basically I am not sure this outfit would go well with, say, Redgrave skin, but if you go for the whole look with skin and so on you will look exciting and beautiful and like you are A Person To Know.

Tableau is maybe my favourite Sim now that the hobos are no longer in Calleta (visit Hobo Island! It is tops!) and it has hugely influenced my own crafting by saying it is okay to look drawn and to have fun rather than trying to look like something from the Uncanny Valley. I am sure these people could do super-realism if they really wanted to, but they don’t want to and that impresses me vastly for some reason. If you’re in Tableau looking for something a bit more realistic I would say drop by Paper Couture even though it is a bit gowny this season and in some ways is being out-coutured these days by places like Lelutka. *manages to avoid mentioning Renderosity*

I don’t know how popular drawn is as opposed to photosourced but I know which I like best most of the time at least in clothing. Skins are different, I think, since you need a certain blandness to suit a range of avatars. I mean it has taken me three years to get skin from Fashionably Dead, and it took a change of avatar shape before I went for it finally. I must resolve to investigate drawn skins more, as they are whimsical and cute.

Hair is from Clawtooth (an old 50L Friday?) and shoes are from HoC because really how many pairs of fake Chucks does any one avatar need?


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