March 4, 2010

A dress! Yay!

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:15 am by Chav Paderborn

After a long search I finally found a dress! This is the Steamship Dress from Destiny’s Designs, which is 400L and comes with various parts including a hat. One thing I especially like is that the bustle is separate from the skirt so you can wear it alone, which I… didn’t think to take a picture of. But you can imagine and/or use your hand to cover the skirt in the above picture. It is a dress that makes me want to save up and buy other things from the shop, which would be a big deal if I didn’t buy so much stuff in the SL that I don’t in any way need. I like the texturing and effort of detail, something I found lacking in Certain Other Shops that will remain nameless.

You can also grab a gear from the current Steam Hunt at the shop. It wasn’t hard to find, which is always a relief on hunts. And this is another thing I originally found on XStreet, which again shows the value of listing your stuff there. Only downside is the Sim has what looks to be some model-bots in it, but I overcame my distaste because there were pretty dresses to be had.

Hair is Kin, skin is lis_noir.


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