March 3, 2010

Rotten Toe (Eww)

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:42 pm by Chav Paderborn

They may have the most minging name in Second Life, but I love the clothes from Rotten Toe. Dirty, broken, torn and damaged. It’s a style I was introduced to by Arcadia Asylum (remember her?) and so I know it’s harder to make old things in SL than new things. Old and broken require a detailling and imagination often missing from clothes in SL. I have tried it and it is r difficult, so I admire and envy the skill displayed here. These clothes are wonderfully distressed and are exactly the sort of thing you shouldn’t wear around Caledon lest someone see your ankles and faint. This is the Rottenesque outfit which was only like 200L and is epic win. It comes with top and bloomers and skirt and stockings and prim bits for your bloomers. There is also if I remember right a group that gives you free stuff occasionally.

I ended up there via Xstreet, which is good for browsing and stuff like that even if I almost never actually have the spacebux there to buy anything. But I think it’s very useful as a catalogue for finding stuff to go look at and buy in-world.

Boots are from Kookie last (?) 50L Friday but you can buy them in other colours at a normal price now I believe, hair is from Kin and skin is from lis_noir. I felt a hand-drawn look to the face was needed for this outfit, so lis_noir it is.

I was actually going to wear a big fancy dress for this post but I’ve still to find one that I like enough. That and I’m not very good at doing posh. I am more Babbage than Caledon, y’know? But I did look in good faith and I hope to someday be able to wear a big dress here, even if it means digging out something from Wardrobe Trunk and kicking it old school. BTW, Wardrobe Trunk seems to have downsized from a sim to a tiny shop in one of the Caledons, which is a bit depressing but I suppose it is at least partly that nothing new has been released in ages. Anyone know what’s going on there?

But, erm, yes, Rotten Toe. Ignore the disgusting name and revel in the disgusting clothes.


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