February 28, 2010

I’m an avatar, get me out of here

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:18 am by Chav Paderborn

Sorting through my inventory I rediscovered this Castaway dress from Canimal. It is beaten and discarded like my soul. I got it ages ago, off of OnRez. Yes, remember OnRez? It was pretty but had nothing on it. The preference for XStreet is one of the great mysteries of life. Indeed, remember Canimal, last seen with I think it was a bone tiara last year sometime? Anyway, the dress appeals to me in various ways, not least because it is steamable like you’ve just stumbled from a broken airship with your eyebrows singed and your pride in tatters like the dress. This dress is your pride. So today’s look is post-apocalyptic and slightly broken.

I also dug out this Hana skin from Redgrave. I don’t know which celebrity it is based on. Maybe it’s just a random person, I don’ t know. I wish I did know, so that I could be informative as well as endlessly entertaining. Which I am. Just… not here. Or there. I like how in the close-up my avatar looks all out of it like she’s on something. Can I say that here? Well, I just did so let’s hope. That’s not the fault of the skin but of my lack of SL photography skills. Um, let’s pretend she is “smouldering” rather than “stoned,” okay?

The hair is from Tiny Bird, boots are… possibly not available anymore? They are from an old Paper Couture collection, I picked them up after falling in love with them on the Beta Grid back when you needed a separate viewer for it. I like to think they are still available, because they are my favourite mid-height boots and one of the few shoe things I have left from the days before sculpties.

Necklace is from Bliensen + Maitai and I know you can still get it because I was just there looking at what else they have. I got it at I think it was last years Jewellery Fair, where precious rubies shine like the eyes of a small child who has just been given a puppy. It’s all cogs and gears and I made one a bit like this once but this one is much more attractive so you should buy it instead. It is part of a set that includes earrings and a bracelet, which you can buy separately or as a set.


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  1. Clara/Constance/Meg/etc. said,

    Hi – love your blog and your stuff!!

    OnRez was super-pretty but it was a pain to use, XStreet could use a few more lower-level category divs (to my file-organizer mind – or just use tags already) but with OnRez you kind of already needed an idea of which exact item or designer you were looking for, or else needed to be prepared to do some serious browsing. Which was cool if you had the time but . . . it was often a rawr experience, at least for me, even if it was a much better-looking one.

    And Armidi, you mention below – what is up with them already? They’ve had that freakin Beauty sim for over a year? Eeeesh. But if I need “a” whatever – and fast – gosh I can count on them (hee and know all the collections as they haven’t changed since last summer, really!).

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