February 27, 2010

Selling out to the man

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:45 am by Chav Paderborn

Armidi. Corporate, confusing, and they haven’t released anything in approximately nine years. But today I am wearing this shirt-shorts-vest outfit in an off-white that speaks of both archaeology and colonialism. A lady adventurer, seeking out lost treasures and stealing them back to Blighty like we stole the Elgin Marbles. Im in ur culture, takin ur stuffs. These boots from Shiny Things complete the look, with a dash of practicality that obviously is less important than sheer style. It’s the sort of look that steampunk too often forgets to subvert in some way, though attitude is enough I feel.

Armidi’s own colonialism never emerged, so there is a bit of irony here. Sure they gobbled up some designers, but they’re back in their own shops now with Armidi’s complete failure to do anything new in the past year or so. I myself resisted for at least ten minutes before their website made shopping easier and I bought a bunch of stuff.  Because, well, it’s nice and it’s very well-made. Realism without creepy photorealism. And they have those wonderfully skanky Kyoto boots. But mostly our fears never materialised and they’re just a big shop with nice clothes and good hairs. And they are more interesting than fri.day, though the latter have recently put out Actual Dresses with like colours and patterns and non-boring stuff like that.

Hair is from lamb, skin is from Cake. Yes, I am still in my recent Big Hair phase.


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