February 23, 2010

Casual Tuesday

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:36 am by Chav Paderborn

SO, here we go with trying to have an SL steampunk fashion blog. I am starting out casual though, to break us in slowly and because this is what I felt like wearing. Ha ha you can’t stop me. I have used the corset and stockings from League’s Ella outfit to steam up some generics. The shirt is lovely and is from Pink Outfitters, with shorts from fri.day. It is quite amazing what a corset can do to an outfit. I only have about eighty thousand of them. I’m not really sure about the shorts with this outfit, but they look nice and thus my avatar is prettier than I am and isn’t that what matters most in Second Life?

Hair is from lamb, which I have recently started going to despite initial doubts since it cost several Ls more than other shops. I am right into big hair at the moment, unless hats demand otherwise. I’m gonna be harsh here and say that most of the steampunk/Victorian hairs in SL suck compared to what the mainstream hair stores produce. They’re like something I’d make, and that isn’t good. So really you’re going to Armidi for hair anyway, you might as well pick up a waistcoat while you’re there. Because frankly it’s going to be better than some of the stuff in your inventory, don’t deny it.

Maybe this is selling out, but I like to think that it isn’t. The reason I opened my shop (.steampunk.) the other day was because I couldn’t find things to wear that I wanted and so I just made them myself and thought maybe other people would like them as well. I like to mix and match a bit, and shop all over the place. And, you know, evening gowns aren’t for everyday.

Boots are from Miel, they were 100L to Haiti when I got them the other day. I love boots. Boots will steam things up nicely, I find. You can get them in other colours for more Ls and less charity. Colours!

Skin is from Cake (Bella), eyes are my own.


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