December 3, 2009

Mei Li 2

Posted in skins at 4:49 am by Chav Paderborn

I have waited on this skin for ages. It was released at the KMADD Skin Fair but I was unsure about the make-ups and was all “would I wear this if I got it?” and skins are a big purchase so I am a bit cautious about them. But there are new make-ups of it now that are more like what I normally get. This one is “Yaoi” which is Japanese for “slash fanfiction” or something. As you can see it comes in both normal and BOOBS. That is where the breasts are pushed together to make them look like you’re in an amazing bra and the overall effect is BOOBS. I am not a huge fan of BOOBS on Chav but I like that there is the option. Other options include Pube Knickers as they are technically known in the business. You can choose from 4 tones in this skin, this is tone 2.

I wore Mei Li for a long time and so I was excited and pleased to finally get some Mei Li 2 action going on. I like that there is a bit less severity on the cheekbones, which was a skin trend I never really took to all that much. I like grown-up look it has, and the smashing arse among other features.

Hair is from (sale, yay!) and undies are from Xmas last year at Armidi so you no can has.


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