November 13, 2009


Posted in skins, spaceclothes at 1:45 pm by Chav Paderborn


Patience Xie is awesomecakes, and she has been modding those Eloh skins like unto a woman possessed. Here is “The Fighter” which is beaten up. I am not normally sure how I feel about beaten-up skins, esp as they cause Drama, but as you can see from the name I won the fight. The other guy is like totally worse-looking than this. Pati’s shop is here and she also has green witchy skin and silvery robot skin. She likes Halloween a lot.

I obtained the skin as Blogger Swag, which btw I love HINT HINT and I feel I should mention that so that you know I am a) liek totally FIC and b) showing you something I didn’t have to pay for. Obviously it is most important that you know how Liek Totally FIC I am, because sometimes I feel left out not really knowing many fashion people. Woe is me.

To go with it I am wearing these combat trousers from Abyss, where I also got these dogtags. They are parts from one of those full avatar sets they sell, now available in pieces for those of us who don’t want to have to buy a shape or skin we don’t really want anyway. I think they should do this with more of their sets, but I assume they must sell as-is or they wouldn’t keep making them.

Corset is from Lovelace/Pixeldolls for that girly touch (EDIT: may not be available anymore? Woe.), and the boots are from Catnip. But I am not a neko, no. SEE, NO TAIL. Hair is a Truth one I am in love with, called Isle.

EDIT: Here is an alternate location for Pati’s skins. They are on a cart, apparently. EDIT AGAIN: Cart at the first place, oops.



  1. Patience said,

    They’re on a cart at the first place, not the second. The second is a little catch-all shop run by a friend. 😀

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      *edits again* TY bb

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