November 12, 2009


Posted in skins at 10:48 am by Chav Paderborn


The other skin I picked up at the Skin Fair was Idiosyncrasy’s Devon, which I almost didn’t get because I was like “what is this weird brightness between the boobs?” but in the end I did anyway and isn’t it pretty? As you can see it has arms and legs and all the usual bits. Well, I don’t know about the bits bits, as I didn’t look. It is not my way to stare at my avatar’s bits. If it matters to you you can get a demo, so there. I will probably mess about with my shape around the lips, but otherwise I didn’t do any alterations to fit. This is it in “Base” (“Sunkissed” tone) because I seem to be overly worried about getting make-ups and them clashing with things. So this is her simplest form and the pretty is still there so I call that a win.

I still wonder why the Skin Fair turned off fly, but the build was nice so maybe it was to make us appreciate it by making us go past it slowly.Less low-lag than that other skin fair at KMADD, but not as whatever-it-was as the Hair Fair. My second visit wasn’t very laggy, so it seems it quietened down fairly fast.

Hair is from Truth (old freebie I think), undies are from the hunt at the Cupcakes sim opening.


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