October 25, 2009

I hate you, Blender

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:07 pm by Chav Paderborn

Blender so far is not as impossible as people claim, thanks to tutorials explaining how it works, but I am hitting the wall that is my lack of artistic talent. And I’m not sure what to make. But I can make vases. Anyone need some vases? As you might guess I am getting sick of vases. I have moved on to pots and hats that don’t work. Some day I hope to make something amazing like a shoe. I made some awful shoes for my wyfe, but she has yet to recieve them since she is not on that much at the moment due to having a life. They are very awful shoes, but I suppose they are proof of concept? If you want sculpts you should buy Rachel Breaker’s, she can do awesome things with Blender.

Rezday soon, which I expect to forget like I always do. I will be three. Did you know we die when we hit ten? It was coded into SL at the very start and it cannot be removed without removing our feet as well. This is part of the prim feet conspiracy, but the point is that we will die and there is nothing anyone – not even Torley – can do about it.

FASHION? I don’t know, just I am horribly tempted by LeLutka things and we know why that is bad. Will there be new Paper Couture at some point? I hope so, they make the best things. Unwearably best, but still best.



  1. Verity Goodnight said,

    What about the thing what was mentioned here?

    Stupidly my rezday is the day before my RL birthday so I don’t forget, I’m just busy doing better things. 😀

    For your fashion fix, what about that Designers United thingy?

  2. Chav Paderborn said,

    >What about the thing what was mentioned here?

    I think it is mostly that I can’t draw 😦

    >For your fashion fix, what about that Designers United thingy?

    I worry that will be old by the time it happens, or that I will be in a mood of not buying anything.

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