September 8, 2009

Baby’s First Laqroki Skin

Posted in punky, skins, spaceclothes at 11:17 am by Chav Paderborn

mimablog copy

I have been in SL an awfully long time without ever buying a skin from Laqroki. But now the Portrait line is reduced to 900L a pack, so I went to have a look and picked up ‘Mima’. I had to mod my shape a bit about the lips but that is normal really. I went over a year in the same skin from Sin Skins and have only started buying skins in the last year and now I have Several. But the point is that I now have 9 almost idential skins for the price of one. Hurrah!

I got these skirt-trousers from BP* and punked it up slightly outfit-wise to match. T-shirt is obvs from Armidi, hair is from Gritty Kitty, and those are the HoC trainers that I always end up in when flats are called for. I did sort through my heels last time I was in SL, so higher shoes are likely to happen in future now that I know vaguely what each pair looks like. How many pairs of shoes are enough, anyway? It’s a bit like how I have over 300 hairs but keep ending up in the same ones. Perhaps a clear-out of my hair folder is in order. Am I really going to wear the ones I got from [name redacted]?

I think the outfit needs some bangles but it turns out I have hardly any of those so you’ll have to pretend I am wearing some in the picture. Perhaps you could print it out and draw some on.


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