June 12, 2009


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I got this dress from Surf Couture after seeing it on the feeds. It comes in a number of colours, but I chose yellow which is not a colour I usually pick but isn’t it lovely and sunny like a lovely, erm, sun? I really like this dress, it has detail and realism but it’s not crossing over into creepily real. I like the implied movement in the sculpted skirt, and the sheer yellowness of the colour.

Heels weren’t working with it, so I went for the HOC (House of Curios) trainers and some stockings from the Ella dress from League. These protect my knees from pixel radiation and the eyes of triangular men.

Hair is from Ingenue. I like retro hair sometimes, it has a certain silly dignity. It is made largely from spheres, which are the most comfortable prim after the torus. It’s maybe not nice to compare prims to each other, but I think they understand that we have our reasons.

Bangles are apparently from Fishy Strawberry,  I think I got them for free. They are made of wood. Mostly in these pics I am basking in the yellowness of the dress, and didn’t want accessories that would compete for eyeball space.

Skin – Sin Skins


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  1. emily bbird said,

    aww… so cute 🙂

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