June 8, 2009

Very Much Classy

Posted in shoes, spaceclothes at 12:17 pm by Chav Paderborn


I went on a search for boots this week and ended up buying some Armidi ones I have previously been amused by. They have a slightly odd, elongated foot shape, but I can live with it. They have sculpties for the buckle holes whereas normal people use a torus. I assume a torus was not good enough for some reason. That or someone went mad with hubris.

Further from Armidi is the t-shirt, which I got in the sale of pinkness a while back.  It was one of those things you like but not enough to pay the full price. Look how it makes me seem knowledgeable about fashion! Because it has place names on it!

The skin is Sin Skins Sakura Bisque which I wore constantly for like a year or something before being swayed by others. Last time I checked it was supercheap, but it may be sadly retired by now. I changed it because the body isn’t that detailed, but I like it anyway. So this is a Classic Chav.

Hair is from Junwave and I had to embiggen it quite a bit because my head is too large for it. I didn’t think I had a large head but apparently I do,  or else hair-makers have a recent trend for tiny heads like man avatars and Gorean slaves. *cough*men*cough*

SUNGLASSES. From Nylon Outfitters, which I am pretty sure I ended up buying after having them on the Beta Grid and falling for them as a shot bird falls to the ground to land sadly, wings beating as it dies.

Shorts are from Second Wave Apparel, being black because the leopard print ones were just Too Much with the boots.


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