June 4, 2009

These things are old

Posted in jeans, shoes, skins, spaceclothes at 6:27 am by Chav Paderborn


The best thing about downsizing your SL land holdings is that you get many spacebux to spend on clothes. (I am now in Nokomis, if anyone wants to visit, which they won’t.)

I built this obviously stunning look around the Second-Hand Jacket from Truth. I have hair from Truth but  this is the first time I have purchased a non-hair thing there. It was very confusing to me. It is not hair, what’s with that? I ended up choosing the peach colour as most convincingly like what you wear when you never wash. Which is a good look.

The hair in the picture is not from Truth, it is from Magika. Because there is a sale on.  I got a couple of nice hairs but I had to mod them for my apparently huge (size 50) head, so I dunno if I will go back to impulse-buy in future. Yes, I am that lazy. One great thing about black hair is that I can’t actually tell on my monitor if the textures are any good, so I assume these ones are but even if they aren’t I don’t care because I don’t know. Um, that was not me dissing Magika, it was me sharing a story. I am sure Magika is a fine legitimate business with many fans.

The jeans are “vintage” ones from Celestial Studios, in the discount section. They are cheap because they are old and no one likes old things. I did not wear a shirt because the thing I would have worn was a brown corset from Lovelace but the layering of the outfit wouldn’t work. Oh well. At least this way you get to see part of my breasts. LOOK AT THEM ARE’T THEY NICE?

The shoes are from Tesla and were bought for me by my SLWife Miriam Woyseck, so that I could have 100 pairs of shoes. That partnering thing was totally worth the 10Ls that symbolise our undying love. I love Tesla shoes, they are pretty and made of those sculpty things that Stiletto Moody invented back when all we had was default-textured  cubes.

Ah, the skin. The skin is Jia from Skin Within. Ages ago I got the demos but went for Alasyia instead because this one was a bit darker than I wanted. Since then I have got some slightly darker skins and have changed my face sliders, so I spent some mad spacebux on a skin. I may go back for an almost identical make-up that I liked as well.


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