May 31, 2009

Insert Clever Title

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Today I have been chillin’ in the Long Knit Parka from Bare Rose. It comes in like four colours and has a wee hat. A hat! In what I think is a feat of immense clever, the logo on the top is on the jacket layer, so you put on a shirt layer of the colour you want and then pick a design or leave it blank for extra classiness.

Hair is from Curious Kitties, which either had a sale or is relatively cheap, which conclusion I base on having a quite a few in inventory that I don’t even like that much. But I like this one. The shoes are the Asuka boots  from Lassitude & Ennui and are from the days before sculpties. I am quite in awe of people who can make nice shoes out of regular prims, since it’s v hard and most people (self included!) tend to give up and go to “cut cylinder, tapered cube, tapered cylinder heel.”  Sculpties arem’t easy but they do they  seem to have made it less hellish to get the basic shape of a shoe. Anyway, these ones are Actual Proper Prims and I love them anyway so there.

And I have a new skin! It’s “Zhang” from H. I. Appeal, which took me a while to track down and en route I ended up in a sim full of campers. But I got there in the end and got the one with least obvious make-up. I’m not that keen on the painted-on eyelashes which look slightly like my eyes ate a spider, but other than that I am liking it.

Poses – Torridwear


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