May 28, 2009

50% off sale at Zaara

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I did not have much Zaara stuff before the sale, only stuff that was free and so on. This failure has been addressed. Zaara is scarily good at making spaceclothes, with sculpties and everything. I like that she does Indian things, bringing a bit of diversity to SL fashion and it’s plunging gowns. I got two pairs of jeans, some pashminas, some dresses, a sari, a couple of tops… yeah, I have a lot less spacemoney now but oh these things are so beautiful. The sort of thing I would buy just because it’s lovely.

The textures are lovely and full of details, which always makes things nicer. Unless those details are penises, in which case maybe not. But there are no sexual bits on these clothes. I don’t know if that will put anyone off. I hope not. I think I may cry at how nice the sculpted pashmina thing is.

So I fought the crowds and crashed only three times and obtained things I have coveted and things that I did not know of to covet.

Poses are ones I picked up for 60L each at Tuli. They have a nice suggestion of movement and casual poise.

Skin -Tuty’s (Elixir)

Hair – Gritty Kitty (Hello Goodbye)

Shoes – Shiny Things


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