May 26, 2009

new skin happened

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:21 am by Chav Paderborn


I got skin! It is “Drama” from Tuty’s. I got another one as well which was my third choice after this and one that I couldn’t actually find in the shop. I like the slightly miserable look it gives my avatar. She is emo about something, which means she is deep and understands the pain of the universe. She is like Morrissey, in a way. Tattoos are from artilleri because tattoos mean you are cool and hard.

The clothes are from Pixeldolls. I have so much Pixeldolls stuff I have to folder it by category, and there is  bunch I’ve never even got round to wearing hence this. Actually the corset is “Lovelace” which I believe is some sort of collaboration? With… Launa Fauna? I think? Anyway I stocked up on corsets a while back, as they can pass as steampunk or casual. The jeans are called Trouble and there is a top that goes with them that I am not wearing because I am cool and edgy like that. See me mix and match, bitches! Not very mixy, but a bit matchy. Can you wear jeans with a corset? Is that allowed?

The shoes came from somewhere called Cassedy that had a 99L shoe sale. They are sculpted (oooh!) and change colour to about a billion possible combinations. Obviously I made them black out of laziness.

Hair is from Truth, I think it is a man style. I am not sure, I find Truth hair wonderfully androgynous in that regard.



  1. Lil Hapmouche said,

    Did you also grab that “10 for L$100” gothic skin set at Tuty’s?

  2. Chav Paderborn said,

    I don’t goth up much, are they nice?

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