May 23, 2009

Post #3

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:48 am by Chav Paderborn


Today I am feeling rather blingtardy in a polo dress from Armidi. I don’t quite understand how they get that sort of following, given that the stuff is well-made and not slutty. Maybe people wear them without the tops? Just the prim pieces? Anyway I have a few dresses from Armidi, via the medium of their website because going to the sim is just horrid. This dress does not have a “third buttock” effect that certain Armidi dresses have on my avatar. I don’t really know why they sculpt the skirts on this style of dress, but who am I to question that choice.

The hair is a freebie from Kin, labelled as man-hair but cutely butch on a woman. It is in brown rather than my usual black because that’s the only colour it came in. Still it is nice to occasionally see the textures on hair rather than a black blackety blackness of black. These are nice textures, I wish to touch them.

Boots! These are awesome boots! They’re the Bad Boy Scout boots from [CIVVIES], which are  among my favourite SL shoes. You can find them at the Plunder airship mall which I like for the quirkyness.  These boots have stuff roped onto them like a medal and a pack of cigarettes. I believe you can buy them in male or female sizes. You need these boots, they are special and amazing. They do not have bling or Sexy Walk, though.

Skin is Alaysia from Skin Within, with red and gold shiny eyeshadow. Like most skins it looks a bit like someone punched it in the face from the side, but that’s so common it’s hardly worth mentioning. I think it might be that it’s hard or impossible to provide enough facial shading without getting that effect?


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