May 20, 2009

Oh, Vanity…

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:07 am by Chav Paderborn

PD etc

Ah, SL clothes, how fun you are.

You can’t quite see the full win of this hair from Truth because of the colours I chose, but parts of it change colour and there is a wee bow that you can recolour or hide as I have done.  It (hair not bow) is called Willow and it is that “scene hair” that the kids these days are so fond of.

The top is from Pixeldolls which I got with a store card I bought ages ago and then forgot about. It is worn with shorts from Second Wave Apparel, shown here in black but I also have them in leopard print for giggles. Boots are from Shiny Things and the snazzy sunglasses are from HoC and do a range of tinty things. I think everyone has these boots, which is only right and proper as they are wonderful.

Skin is (as usual these days) Mei Li from Adam ‘n’ Eve, enhanced with an undershirt layer of tattoos from artilleri.

It would be a good outfit for hunting vampires, I feel, killing them as they drop-down a request to bite you so they can add your soul to their collection. I once met one who was paid 50L a soul by his “master,” and I understand the whole thing basically works as a pyramid scheme with blood and souls and black clothing from RFyre. Triangular men with goatee beards. They are much less mocked than furries and furries don’t even try to convert you to the ways of furdom and cover your soul in a pre-sculpty fursuit.


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